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Create an effective culture.

Most organizations see IT as a tool to maintain existing infrastructure. With the right culture and practices, your IT teams can rapidly develop and deploy high-quality features that add real business value.

DevOps unites people, processes and tools to achieve strategic goals. We’ll help you become a high-performing DevOps organization — transforming IT into a strategic asset.

What is DevOps?

DevOps breaks down the silos between product management, development, quality assurance, operations and security. Improved collaboration and automation reduce handoffs and wait times, which increases efficiency, quality, stability and reliability.

A streamlined path from development to production

You need to be flexible and agile to meet your customers’ demands. Our DevOps services help you put their needs first. You’ll be able to:

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Enable a fast flow of work through the organization.

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Leverage contemporary tools and technologies.

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Drive feedback throughout the development cycle.

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Create well-defined and extensible reference models.

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Foster a culture of trust, cooperation and learning.

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Enable updates in an efficient, continuous pattern.

Fast and continuous improvement through DevOps

Iterating and improving are crucial to growing your business. Our offerings help you achieve the agility you need to stay competitive.

Continuous integration and deployment

Implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines empowers your business to push updates automatically. By adopting this process, your teams can detect problems early, deliver frequently and get feedback fast.

We’ll help you define branch policies to catch breaks promptly, review your branch strategy to improve velocity and define a code promotion plan for deploying to production environments.

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Infrastructure as code

Deploying solutions automatically saves time, freeing your IT resources. We developed a program to help educate, assess, advise and migrate business applications to a modern DevOps process.

This approach is based on open-source technologies and covers containerization, orchestration, automation, microservices and monitoring.

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Modernizing applications with Azure

Accelerate your path to a modern platform with Microsoft® Azure®. Your teams can leverage services — Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), App Service and Azure Databases — to prioritize feature development over managing infrastructure and performance.

Your teams won’t need to rewrite existing code or rebuild underlying infrastructure. Azure services enable rapid code packaging, deployment and scale, helping you move at the speed of innovation.

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DevOps in action

A Fortune 500 beverage manufacturer needed to manage big data and analytics workflows. We helped create Azure-based platforms that consolidated and standardized hundreds of mobile applications worldwide — and grew revenue nearly 10%. For that work, Microsoft named us its 2018 U.S. Partner Award Winner for Apps and Infrastructure – DevOps.

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Improve digital experiences.

Providing your organization with SaaS solutions that work on any device while offering frequent release cycles engages customers and employees. This will help you deliver a more secure, reliable and immersive experience — and allow you to focus on your business.

A better way to deliver software

Let our experts assist you in the design, development and operationalization of modern SaaS solutions that move your business forward.

Continuous delivery

A social media company created a “sticky” user experience on its photo-sharing site with enhancements every three weeks.

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Data-driven staffing

Constantly monitoring data helped a healthcare organization accurately predict staffing out to a week at a time.

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A cohesive look

An energy software provider broke down silos to accurately display easy-to-understand visuals that told a clear story.

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Achieving the iterative value of DevOps

Adopting DevOps improves flexibility and agility, so you can quickly respond to customer and business needs. Based on proven processes and years of experience, we’ll help you:

Adopt the DevOps philosophy.

Many companies aspire to implement DevOps but fall short of the mark. True adoption requires company-wide buy-in and ongoing support.

Deploying updates more frequently and promoting cross-team collaboration are big reasons companies adopt DevOps.

We’ll guide your DevOps adoption journey so you can:

  • Pivot quickly
  • Deploy updates more frequently
  • Promote cross-team communication

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Modernize applications using Azure.

Using modern DevOps approaches and Azure features — AKS and containers, App Services, Azure Databases and Azure Functions — enables your organization to move existing apps to the cloud with very little effort and eliminate the need to maintain traditional infrastructure.

In our Azure App Modernization engagements, we’ll demonstrate how to:

  • Assess your existing application stack for a migration
  • Modernize your applications to the latest platforms
  • Streamline your efforts with advanced tools and automation

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Support DevOps with Infrastructure as Code.

Today, flexibility powers innovation. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) makes it easy to launch software updates, so you can support your latest objectives.

In our IaC fast start, we’ll help you successfully adopt open-source platform HashiCorp® Terraform®, allowing you to:

  • Improve developer collaboration
  • Minimize environment drift
  • Boost infrastructure effectiveness

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Jumpstart Your DevOps Adoption.

With the right support, you can realize the versatility and agility of DevOps more quickly. Our engagements — including assessments, workshops, fast starts and accelerators — shorten the distance between your current position and your future goals.


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