Seamless experiences from storefront to screen

To stay competitive in today’s fast-moving retail industry you need to exceed customer expectations. Shoppers expect anytime, anywhere service from any device — a true omnichannel experience.

We’ll help you implement the right technology to meet your goals, from increasing sales to improving order management.

Enhance your ability to:

  • Anticipate customer actions
  • Manage inventory
  • Personalize offers
  • Answer product questions

More meaningful connections

In the internet age, a customer’s first impression is often based on your digital presence. Engaging online experiences can build loyalty and differentiate your business, all while reducing operational costs with increased automation.

  • Customer using mobile device to shop online

    Enhanced online shopping

    A fast and intuitive digital storefront can increase purchase completion rates and customer loyalty.

    Human-centered design promotes:

    • Relevant content and experiences
    • Usability and accessibility
    • Cross-platform functionality
  • Customer using mobile app to shop online

    Personalized shopping

    Offers that are tailored to your customers wants and needs will improve relevancy and brand reputation. Provide custom offers with accurate data analysis and machine learning — delivered through your custom mobile application.

    Successful mobile applications can:

    • Send personalized promotions and coupons
    • Increase visitor frequency
    • Boost average cart size
    • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Holding mobile device in hand with shopping bags

    Cloud efficiency

    Services like Microsoft® Azure® and Kubernetes® software can streamline application modernization and software deployment, so you stay up to date.

    We’ll help you support:

    • Big data analysis
    • Internet of things devices
    • Intelligent applications
Casually dressed man makes purchases online with his tablet device

Customer service excellence

Positive customer support creates a lasting connection with your brand. But traditional service representatives can be inconsistent and costly. Chatbots, virtual assistants or conversational agents are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are consistent, friendly and available 24/7/365.

We’ll help you design and implement a chatbot that handles many frequently asked questions and resolves order issues without using human resources.

Shopping kiosk in clothing store

Tech in your brick-and-mortar shop

Reducing manual tasks becomes possible when ordinary objects become smart objects. Sensors, trackers and beacons can automatically monitor stock levels and notify staff before products run out.

Dynamic digital signs can guide customers and smart kiosks empower shoppers to check prices, review specs and even complete a transaction — all without employee help.

Building a connected space

Digital devices offer opportunities to improve operations and better serve customers. But understanding and acting on the data can be challenging. Our Connected Platform for Retail is a flexible, scalable and secure foundation for creating smart stores.

Connected Platform provides holistic analytics
drawn from many data points to:

  • Improve inventory by assessing buying patterns.
  • Reduce shrinkage through camera and point-of-sale analysis.
  • Optimize store layouts and staffing.
Retail clothing store owner uses data on tablet to track inventory

Smarter data. Smarter decisions.

Guessing and reacting is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With data analytics and artificial intelligence, you can collect and interpret purchasing information, customer history and more.

We’ll help you take a proactive stance, so you can anticipate needs and avoid issues. Getting ahead of inventory, sales and staff management saves time and money.

We’ll prepare your business for success.

Get the right training and support for new technology. Our transformation specialists will develop technical processes alongside your teams — helping you maximize the performance and value of the latest solutions and approaches.

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