Maximize productivity.

Your business depends on every machine and process operating according to plan. But asset maintenance, unscheduled outages and inventory challenges are inevitable. A single error can throw your entire production off balance and negatively impact your bottom line.

Improve your production workflow with intelligent technology solutions at your factory. We’ll align your goals with software and tools that give your organization a competitive edge.

We’ll help you build a factory of the future, improving your:

  • Production processes
  • Product quality
  • Machine uptime
  • Inventory management
  • Customer service

Achieving Industry 4.0

Smart sensors and analytics are helping businesses produce more than ever. Welcome to Industry 4.0 — the latest industrial revolution. We’ll help you realize your full potential by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

The benefits of industrial IoT

Optimize operations and reduce waste with a reporting ecosystem that enhances your entire production process and improves product quality.

Male factory worker reviews issues on tablet device

Predictive maintenance

Correct issues before they impact productivity with predictive maintenance models that eliminate unplanned downtime.

Two manufacturers in factory work on device

Remote monitoring

Ensure assets can deliver uninterrupted performance and help workers transition from finders to fixers.

Close up of hands using alert dashboard on tablet

Alerts & notifications

Never miss a beat with IoT-enabled smart sensors and edge technology. Set your priorities based on your objectives.

Two construction workers on tablet device in factory

Reporting dashboards

Product quality is directly correlated to production performance. Review asset and process status in one location.

Seamless IoT management

Maximize the value of your IoT systems with Insight Connected Platform for Manufacturing. You’ll have rapid insights to support every machine and worker in your smart factory to maximize productivity.

Our scalable and secure platform gathers and analyzes data from various sources to help you:

  • Track equipment output and product quality.
  • Optimize inventory.
  • Enforce safety regulations.
  • Track buying patterns.
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Two business professionals in factory taking inventory with tablet

Automating tedious tasks

Taking stock of inventory can be a resource-sapping necessity. But by combining smart tracking sensors, drones and Artificial Intelligence, we’ll upgrade your inventory process.

A drone can fly through your warehouse, quickly cataloging stock and providing a rich data stream of up-to-date information. You’ll be able to more accurately track supply and free staffing resources.

Manufacturer using augmented reality to fix machine part

AR and VR enhances experiences.

Share essential product details with your customers and technicians and simplify complicated tasks and training without risking personnel or machine safety. Using immersive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), you can support daily operations, repairs and inspections.

Insight Connected Platform for Safety

Protecting employees and equipment is often an around-the-clock job. Our Connected Platform for Safety solution gives you real-time notifications and reporting to reduce risk.

Outlined icon of button being pressed

Raise alarms with
on-location buttons.

Outlined icon of emergency alert light

Alert staff with
color-coded lights.

Outlined icon of microphone

Detect issues with
sound sensors.

Outlined icon of floorplans

Send responders
interactive floorplans.

Outlined icon of security systems

Monitor incidents using
camera systems.

Factory worker explains plans to officials

Navigate change effectively.

Your factory will need to change its processes and approaches as it adopts the latest technology. Ensure a smooth transition with our guided expertise and training.

We’ll educate those most affected by change — your factory workers and IT teams — with:

We understand manufacturing.

Our solution experts know how to improve efficiency and customer service. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers to solve complex problems through predictive models, automation, immersive technology and actionable intelligence.

  • Female pharmacist on desktop computer in lab

    Client: Medical product manufacturer

    This worldwide client needed to automate processes on the factory floor, drastically reduce component failure and improve detection in real time.

    Through a combination of detecting, interpreting and displaying, we were able to ingest sensor data, stream it to the cloud to detect anomalies and deliver real-time notifications to operations center staff.

  • Two food manufacturers on tablet device

    Client: Food service equipment manufacturer

    This client was wasting time and money handling inefficient equipment warranty procedures, equipment failures and service requests.

    We deployed condition-based maintenance and predictive analytics to identify equipment that was in need of attention. Remote access allows the client to provide software updates automatically and change unit settings remotely.

  • Female worker uses touch screen on smart refrigeration unit

    Client: Heating/refrigeration manufacturer

    This client was interested in transitioning from a schedule-based model to a condition-based model and increasing its annual service contract renewal percentage.

    Leveraging the Azure® Internet of Things (IoT) suite and advanced analytics, we were able to predict usage and degradation rates and determine what was driving service calls and emergency repair requests.

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