Creating healthy spaces

Monitoring public health in crowded places — from business offices to theme parks — has become a top priority around the globe. A robust disease prevention strategy is critical to helping create a more protective environment for people and ensuring business continuity.

Insight’s Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention is a flexible and scalable platform to help create smarter and safer outcomes in public spaces.

You’ll be able to:

  • Detect elevated temperatures in group settings.
  • Promote social distancing with proximity alerts.
  • Analyze and be more responsive to real-time data reports.
  • Deploy portable virus testing centers.

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A centralized place for data

Our solution unifies sensor data in a single dashboard and provides real-time health visibility. Leveraging Machine Learning, the customized application can provide notifications and guidance for social interactions that align with your organization’s requirements.

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Temperature monitoring

Thermal imaging cameras can remotely track body temperatures in individual and group settings.

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Sanitizing stations

Connected hand sanitizer dispensers can promote healthy habits and encourage recommended hygiene.

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Smart sensors

Multipurpose markers can direct traffic flow based on location and room capacity to support proper distancing.

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Surveillance cameras

Live footage, analyzed by AI, can determine if safety gear is worn and send alerts when procedures aren’t followed.

Thermal imaging being used to screen for disease

Temperature detection in public spaces

Organizations are tracking and monitoring body temperature to prevent the spread of disease. By integrating thermal imaging cameras into your Connected Platform, you have the option to actively screen one or multiple groups, without disrupting their day-to-day activities.

Explore our Essentials option to see how you can deploy thermal cameras in your business simply and quickly.

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Why Insight?

Insight Connected Platform is designed to help reduce security risks, create efficiency and enable faster deployment by unifying how organizations use IoT solutions. Our 7,500+ sales and service delivery professionals and 3,500+ software, hardware and cloud partners allow us to provide effective solutions fast.

Connected Platform in action

Portable virus testing tent

Portable virus testing centers

Together with our partners at Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Bosch and more, Connected Platform is being used to develop low-cost, portable testing centers equipped with smart technology.

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Smart hand sanitizer dispensers

We’re integrating Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors into hand sanitizing stations to help organizations promote employee use.

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Using the power of data

The Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention application hub translates large amounts of the data you require from multiple sources into useful, holistic analytics to help manage how people interact with their environment. It can be applied to hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, restaurant, retail and corporate offices.

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Our capabilities

As a Super Solution Integrator, Insight has both the technology and specialized skills needed to support transformational solutions. Our specialists have deep industry expertise and can develop:

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Data & AI solutions to help you discover meaningful insights.

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IoT and smart edge systems to
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Unify detection and prevention data

We’ll help you conceptualize, build, deploy and manage a connected solution that meets your exact needs.