Complete asset tracking technology

Quickly and accurately count inventory, gain helpful insights and meet customer demands with asset management products from Insight and Wasp.

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Wasp bardcode printer product

Save time and money.

You’ll get a rapid return on your investment with asset tracking solutions that are easy to deploy and risk-free to purchase. Wasp offers a variety of barcode scanners and printers, durable mobile computers and inventory management software.

Optimize asset management.

Wasp barcode technology provides consistently updated inventory counts for the full product lifecycle, greatly reducing issues due to human error.

Wasp Barcode scanner scanning inventory

Holistic solutions

Get your whole inventory management system, including affordable hardware and software, from one manufacturer.

Wasp product and software

Money-back guarantee

Wasp hardware and software comes with a no-risk, 30-day, money-back guarantee — so you have nothing to lose.

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Technical support

You’ll receive free training to get you started, plus complimentary technical support for the life of the products.

Wasp barcode scanner product

Barcode scanners

Kick-start fast and accurate asset tracking with Wasp barcode scanners. You’ll boost your team’s efficiency while meeting business goals and customer demand.

Choose from several options, including corded, wireless, 1D/2D, pocket-sized, omnidirectional and multipurpose scanners.

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Wasp bardcode printer product

Barcode printers

Your growing business can easily manage assets now and in the future with Wasp barcode printers. They’re compatible with any label application and have models designed for desktop to industrial environments. Printer options and features include:

  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer
  • 4–12 inches per second print speeds
  • Various connectivity options
  • 203 dpi print resolution

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Wasp mobile computer product

Track assets on the go.

Wasp durable mobile computers are designed for dependability and flexibility.

Empower your modern workforce with full-color touch screens, 2D scanning technology, wireless connectivity and more. You can choose from multiple device styles and features to fit your budget and needs.

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Wasp AssetCloud Complete management software

Centralize management and security.

AssetCloud Complete makes it easy to track multi-quantity assets, manage contracts and calculate depreciation — all from your existing mobile device. You can also track assets by funding source, giving you better visibility into your organization’s spending.

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Wasp Inventory Control product variety

Inventory control software

Gain full control of your assets, improve accuracy and decrease write-offs with Wasp Inventory Control. By enabling quick and precise management from anywhere, Wasp software helps you improve product fulfillment and customer satisfaction. You’ll benefit from:

  • Prebuilt reports and custom field creation
  • Inventory Cloud access from anywhere
  • Low stock notifications
  • Reporting tools

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