What are the differences between E3 and E5?

The biggest differences between E3 and E5 licenses are security, telephony and analytics. When it comes to Return on Investment (ROI), the biggest differentiator for your organization will likely be security. Take a closer look at the differences between E3 and E5 in the graphic below. 

Microsoft 365 Cost
E3 to E5 Chart

Get E5 without blowing your budget.

You don’t have to increase your IT budget to leverage E5. In fact, an E5 upgrade can help you reduce costs. E5 licensing delivers capabilities that can replace many of the costly solutions in your environment. Through consolidation, you can reduce costs and simplify management, making you more secure.

E5 Security Solutions can replace:

  • Security (identity and access management, endpoint protection, email protection, intrusion detection and prevention, etc.)
  • Compliance (Access control, encryption, governance, audit protection, etc.)
  • Meetings and calling (audio conferencing, cloud PBX)
  • Analytics (advanced business intelligence)
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How does Microsoft 365 E5 security stack up to the competition?

Microsoft 365 Security offers a comprehensive portfolio that covers more than 27 different areas of specialization. As a leader in five Gartner magic quadrants, this solution tops any list of modern cloud security offerings.

If you’re not sure how E5 stacks up against your current security solutions, we invite you to schedule a Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Workshop with our experts.

Microsoft Security and compliance workshop datasheet

Schedule a workshop to see how E5 could improve your security posture.

When you book a Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to see Microsoft 365 Security at work. Our Microsoft experts will consult with you to identify your organization’s unique security needs and discuss your strategic vision for the future.

This workshop is the best way to understand how Microsoft 365 Security will fit into your environment. Workshop deliverables include: readiness assessment, M365 Security posture findings, next-step recommendations and a long-term roadmap.

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Want to increase the value of your E5 licensing?

A powerful solution like Microsoft 365 Security isn’t always the easiest thing to implement and manage. That’s why we created our Managed Security for Compliance service. This managed service will help you implement Microsoft 365 Security, achieve necessary compliance levels, and continuously manage your security posture.

Managed Security for Compliance delivers:

  • Operational support
  • Reporting
  • Incident alerting
  • Threat analytics
  • Bi-annual policy reviews
  • BrainStorm® Threat Defense phishing simulator
  • Audit control guidance and advocacy program for NIST 800, ISO 27001, CMMC and/or HITRUST
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Are you taking advantage of your Microsoft FastTrack services?

If you’re looking for resources to help with Microsoft 365 deployment and end-user adoption, look no further than your Insight partnership. As a FastTrack Ready Partner , Insight can provide access to change management guides, adoption templates and end-user training, as well as engineering resources to offer guidance and answers to your questions ─ all at no additional cost.

With Insight as your FastTrack partner you get:

  • Self-service portal for email and data migration of 500+ Microsoft seats
  • Microsoft 365 best practices, online resources and self-service tools
  • Up to 12 hours of engineering guidance for basic set up and configuration
  • Remote adoption workshops, change management guides and communication templates

Is an E5 upgrade right for your organization?

See how an E5 upgrade could improve your security posture and reduce your IT costs.

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