Accelerate Innovation Report

Accelerate Innovation

Digital transformation is happening all around us. The cloud’s instant access to resources and the shift to “everything-as-a-service” is a proven accelerator for innovation.

IDC Whitepaper- The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Management Services

This IDC Study demonstrates the substantial value that organisations can achieve by using HPE GreenLake management services to support their server, storage, database and application environments.


Self Evaluate your Cloud Migration to Maximise your Investment

The most successful companies in integrating cloud are those that are open to changing the way they operate to align with their business goals. It’s time to self-evaluate your current environment and to discover opportunities for improvements.

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HPE CloudPhysics

A simple SaaS solution that monitors and analyses IT infrastructures, offering insights and reports that help you upgrade, repair, and adapt data centres to changing needs.  The platform also simulates possible migrations to the various cloud platforms, estimating costs and viability, as well as modelling your exact infrastructure as a virtual environment,  to provide the data you need to decide between cloud and on-premise infrastructures.


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CIO by IDG whitepaper

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Case study: Consumption-based IT brings cloud agility, cost efficiency to Nokia software

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Futurum Whitepaper: Why Everything-as-a-Service? Why HPE?

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